How to Set Up AirPrint on HP Printer

AirPrint is an iOS application that enables you to print document wirelessly. With AirPrint, you can print complete quality pictures and documents without having to install extra software from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. 

Set up the network connection

  • Make sure you have Wi-Fi on your Apple device and make sure if there is a checkmark next to your local Wi-Fi network name

  • Tap the name of your network to enter if you are attached to another network

  • If you are using a touch screen HP printer, the abide by the following

  1. Look out for the wireless icon on your printer control panel

  2. Now navigate to Network settings or Configuration menu for checking the network connection

  3. Navigate to Setup  Network and then select Wireless Setup Wizard

  4. Stick on to the upcoming instructions to complete your HP printer setup

  • For printers without the LCD display, follow the points below

  1. Look out for the wireless and information button on your printer

  2. Press these two buttons simultaneously for printing the wireless test report where you can ensure the connectivity

  3. To the power light flashing, press and hold the Wireless and Cancel buttons at once

  4. Wait until the wireless light stops

  5. Press the Wireless Button on the printer back for Tango printers and hold it on for five seconds, until the edge lighting blows blue

  6. Press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on the router within 2 hours until the method of connecting to it starts

  7. Moreover, when the link is complete, the Wireless light on the printer stops flashing

AirPrint on your macOS

  • On your Wi-Fi list, you will find the name of your printer

  • Click on it and once the connection is established you are free to  print

How to use AirPrint if Wi-Fi is not available

  • Tap Settings and then tap Wi-Fi on your Apple iOS phone

  • In this page, you need to select the printer that has DIRECT in its name

  • If it prompts password, type 12345678 as it is default one

  • Now navigate to the document you want to print and print it 

For further assistance regarding the HP printer setup and How to Set Up AirPrint on HP Printer, contact our customer care team.